Thursday, April 22, 2010

Handmade Goodies at The French Bazaar :)

Hey Dears,

Last Saturday I had the pleasure to attend The French Bazaar-Vintage and Handmade Fair (more details on the vintage part and a few pics at at Krystal Glam and even if I did not spend that much money and did not shop like crazy, I met some very nice girls with their little handmade goodies, that I definitely wanna and am gonna tell you about!

Next to the fact that they are very talented, they are really, really friendly and adorable, while none had the "Oh I am an artist, I am so great and am so much better than all of you loosers who dot do handmade stuff"- attitude, which is sooooo lame and sooooo not cool!

Next to the girls from Pixie Shoes (, which I also met at the V for Vintage Fair at Cafepedia, with their extraordinary comfortable high heels, I "discovered" and recommend:

Gabriela Carp ( you are the sweetest :), a talented artist from Iasi handcrafting the most amazing, all unique, leather clutches...

Diana from Lulou Handmade ( - a cutie from Arad creating some delicios and cuter than cute accesories...although, watch out girls, the risk is high to get an urge for cake and sweets or... since her creations look so real, someone might bite into your earring :)

I got myself Diana's version of Breakfast at...(Tiffany's B&B maybe?), being the biggest fan of breakfasts ever, I had to have it! And I also fell in love with those beautiful strawberry earrings:

Hugs & Kisses