Monday, August 29, 2011

Urban Safari

Awaiting fashion zen :) and then getting ready to fight the urban jungle. Grrrrrrr!
Location: one of my fave cities: Berlin (post in Travel Diaries to follow when I find the precious time :))!

Dress: H&M, Cardigan: H&M, Jeans Jacket: Levi's; Belt: The Gap; Hat: local hat store (Lipscani)


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Shoe Pair #100 - Welcome Home :)

Gore-Tex and Mountain Grip - not necessarily part of your normal fashionistas wardrobe, but then again there's much more to (my) life than fashionistic endeavours :)
Testing our limits is something that lies in all of us, while the limits we set for ourselves and those we choose to break are fully in our power to define! What might be normal for some, might be the hardest thing for others to do and viceversa and this weekend will be one of those limit breaking moments for me... backpack is packed, sleep tank is full, excitment is at maximum level: Survival Training in the mountains - here we come!

Wish me luck, it will be for sure an unforgetable experience!


P.S. Yes, this is my 100th pair of shoes! It had to be special :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

OLD Nessebar...just something else!

A little piece of heaven (affordable piece :)) we have just discovered so close to home is the little old town gem of Nessebar, by the Black Sea in Bulgaria. A former greek colony, incredibly well preserved and a true feast to the eye with the narrow, paved streets, the ancient stone houses, the superb churches, the delicious restaurants and the just perfect location on a small peninsula, just slighlty above the sea level, offerring breathtaking views, Old Nessebar definitely offers a romance and piece of mind & soul guarantee.

Where to stay at?
I highly recommend the cute, family owned Trinity Sea Residence. 62 EUR for a double room with a wonderful view on the harbor, breakfast included was definitely worth it! Being family business, with the owner living on site, ensured a great service and we felt incredibly welcome.

Where to eat?
There are plenty of places to go to, we have tried out a few, the best one was the Neptun. We also liked the Sea Wolf, despite the scarry reviews. Also, the pizza we got on the street was delish and a steal at approx 1 EUR per huge slice. Despite of rumors, nobody tried to cheat us in no restaurant, people who complain, probably did not keep their eyes open...

Meelusha's tips:
  • Jogging from Sunny Beach to Old Nessebar on the boardwalk :) It was the best jogging experience so far!
  • Souvenir & Antique Shopping: you can get really cool antiques and bulgarian pottery in the shops of the old town! Don't forget to bargain!
  • A huuuuuuge offer of summer hats (next to a lot of other stuff, of course!) can be found in the old town, so don't stress as I did trying to find the perfect sun hat in Bucharest, cause the perfect ones are waiting in Nessebar! I got two :)
Enjoy some lovely shots, that do not do Nessebar's much better live :)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Nessebar Summer Breeze

I don't know why but I just love the sea and the great effect it has on me...I have always felt drawn by the seemingly endeless waters, by the salty smell, by the relaxing sound of waves caressing the shores. And one of my favorite moments by the sea is at sunset, when mesmerizing colors embrace both skies and seas as the nature's canvas to create the most amazing paintings, always changing, always new!

These pictures were taken on a perfect night in unique Nessebar, Bulgaria. Sitting on our room terrace overlooking the old harbor, admiring the colorful skies, enjoying the cool evening summer breeze, waiting for the night to take over, it was just the perfect background for taking these shots.

Dress: a gift from sweet Mina :); Hat: local hat shop (Lipscani)

Friday, August 19, 2011

Sunset at the Astrodome

Another lovely Bucharest spot we adore, an oasis of peace and tranquility in the urban jungle is the lovely roof top terrace of The Domenii Plaza Residence Hotel, the Astrodome (33 Alexandru Constantinescu Street). Although open for some time now (few years actually!), it's still not so well known, allowing you to spend some quality time away from the hassle of the busy day in the capital.

We arrived at around 7.30 pm, perfect time to also watch the amazing sunset. Lovely big band music was playing in the background, the upper part of the terrace was empty except for the two of us, so we has our own private romantic spot obove the hot roofs of Bucharest.

The Ambiance: perfect, the Service: exquisite, one of the best I've had for a long time now, the Food: delish.

I recommend the Sea Food and the Mediteranean platters, we barely ate it all up... and those who know us, know that this is a "getting full" gourmet guarantee :)
Prices are pretty decent, our final bill (including drinks, excluding tips) was at 140 Ron (approx 33 Euro).

Let me know if you're gonna visit or if you already have and like it as much as I do!
Now I'll let the few pictures allure you...



Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Floaty & Maxi on a Lovely Night

Without doubt you cannot get any comfier than wearing a floaty top and a casual, jersey maxi skirt, while the great thing is that it can also look super sexy, by not really revealing all details of your figure and just giving a subtle hint of what might be underneath :)

Dare to wear maxis! And just try out the combination with a more loose top. A nice belt can help mark your waistline for a better definition of your figure.

Skirt: Zara; Top: Next; Sweater: Vintage (my mom's from the 70s); Clutch: Primark; Necklace: Swarovski