Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Show me some LOVE!

Finally my package with LOVE arrived :) :) :) and I'm super happy with what I've got!

Not sure anymore about how I discovered In Love with Fashion about two months ago, but it I can tell you my first visit to their web site was also when I placed my first order, you just gotta love it!

They have super cool stuff at good prices (with free worldwide delivery, shipping from the UK) and the quality is accordingly, totally in line with the price you pay (similar with HM, Zara & Co). The best thing about them though is not something you can see right away when browsing thru the site, it's the customer service! My first order somehow did not get thru to me, even if it arrived in Romania and my adress on the package was correct, it got sent back to the UK...there was not so much love with the Romanian Post initially. The Love Staff was always in contact with me, answering my mails within a few hours, offering a full refund as I had not received the order or a voucher to comepensate for the loss, while they send it back to me the second day it arrived at their office! Them - super fast & super friendly, me -very impressed and to be back soon to get me some more Love!

I ordered this cute pussy bow dress and the cool wide leg pants in copper (total 40 EUR on sale), both are better looking in reality than on the web site. Just can't wait to them these new babies out to town :)


Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Little White Dress

First of all Happy New Year my Sweeties and may 2012 bring all you're still dreaming of!
I am still here...haven't given up blogging, nothing tragic happened, no worries please, but last weeks have been very hectic, so I had to take a well deserved and needed break! Thanks to those who missed me, I've missed you too :) January looks as crazy for me with lots of travelling, but I'll try to get to a normal blogging schedule in February, I promise...There's so much stuff I want to share with you, if only TIME would be available to buy in stores!

The Little Black Dress is an icon already, a must have in every wardrobe, so very often a  fashionistic "life saver" when you just don't want to over or under-do it, when the dress code is unclear or the audience at an event unpredicatble, it fits a business dinner as well as a chic cocktail party, it's all in the accesories to decide where you'll position yourelf in terms of style for the specfic occasion...

Ok, but what about the Little White Dress? Never heard the concept before :), why don't we give it it's little moment of glory too? Do you own one? Would you prefer the Little White Dress were an icon instead of the black one? More difficult to wear, I agree, flaws are easier exposed, food and drinks are a much bigger threat...but still, white does have it's charm!

I found this little one in the Madrid airport at Mango, in a big hurry, never even tried it on, but it's sweetness convinced me in an instant!