Tuesday, June 29, 2010

„Vintage Shopping in London” ...or „A Vintage Lover’s Paradise”

Vintage Fashion is definitely more IN than ever, especially for those who want to add that special „something” to their style and make an outfit uniquely chic. Being dressed like everyone else is not so cool is it? Hitting the clubs and meeting your dress-clone from Zara or Mango is not something we wanna go thru, do we?...well, by adding a vintage twist to your look, you’ll be one of a kind for sure :)

Being one of the most influential fashion „temples” across the globe, London just had to be as generous in regards to vintage offers as it is with everything else, since there is really nothing you can’t find there! I had the great pleasure to stroll across a few of London’s vintage venues, experience that I definitely want to share :) Vintage shops in London are much more specialized, organized and generous in terms of the offer, than the ones we have in Romania, BUT it all comes at a price, you won’t find real bargains (compared to prices we have here!), dress prices average from 15 to 25 GBP and you will be able to find almost any age and any style: evening dresses from the 50s, flower power from the 70s and party dresses from the 80s…they have it all! I also got to admire real treasures by Dior or Lanvin, but for the moment let’s just say they are out (waaaaay out) of my budget-league!

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Electrifying Royal Blue is hitting the streets :)

Have fallen in love with this dress the moment I saw it...and despite being on a low budget at that time, I could not leave it in the shop after trying it on. I totally adore the color, when the sun is shining the blue is absolutely amazing, electrifying for sure!!!
The dress is from the Lashez boutique in dontown Bucharest, boots are from Zara, brown sweaters are both from Stradivarius, knee hights are Goldenpoint...and my YSL vintage scarf you know already :)
Let me know what you think.
Hugs & Kisses,
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Monday, June 21, 2010

My Top 10 London Fashion Must Haves

My last vacation in London was amazing and for sure one of the best I ever had. This city is so inspiring and has definitely made it to #1 on my list of favorite places in the world. New York has stolen my heart years ago and it was really tough to downgrade it to #2...sorry NYC, but there’s no place like my lovely London!
A Cultural Babel Tower, offering anything you need (and don’t need!) in terms of clubs, food, music, theaters, sights, architecture and of course fashion, London will never bore you, it might wear you out eventually :), but even being exhausted, you’ll not be bored! ...and YES, there is the London fashion: fresh, bold, daring, sexy at times, shocking from now and then as well, you’ll see things you’ll like, but would never wear, thing’s you’d love to wear, but never would have thought about combining! You’ll see divas, freaks, punks, hippies, thrift fans, glamour girls, artists, models ...all making a statement thru their fashion, all giving you their view of the world and their life’s philosophy thru their individual looks.
Despite the uncontestable originality, trends are still visible and certain items repeat themselves in a London Fashion Day, therefore I am proud to present to you my Top 10 London Must Have’s, ta-daaaaah:

1. Geek Glasses – could not stand them in the beginning, I guess that if you wear glasses like I do since you are a child, it does not seem fun playing around and wearing huge one’s, I always try to get rid of them…but now I love them and got my Londonese Geeks :)

2. Oxford Shoes – could women shoes get more ugly and more unflattering than this?...maybe yes, maybe no…I still think they are ugly, but at the same time fascinating and I feel challenged by looking good, sexy and glamorous, wearing a pair of those, so I got two: a new fresh pair in pale pink (soooo cute) and a vintage pair in different shades of brown. Ugly shoes, I love you so!!!

3. Torn Tights – on this trend I’ll pass, although if my tights get torn by accident, I will claim I’m 100% in style :)

4. Enormously (extremely) high High –Heels – Ladies, I have never seen such heels before and not on so many girls that have to actually walk in them for a pretty long distance!!! It often reminded me of circus acrobatics!:) Respect ladies! The way you look in them, though…all the suffering is 100% worth it!

5. Knee High Socks – either up to the knees or above, soooo glad they’re back, since I’ve always loved them and think they are great on so many of us! Got a lot of them, too bad the weather won’t let me wear them right now and I have to wait for autumn :(

6. Lace Dresses – romantic fabric, to be combined in many ways, even the most unromantic ones, if you think biker boots and leather jacket, but it works!

7. Red Hair – going there, Ladies, it has to be when I decide to give up the blonde though, who’s been thru it knows, it’s a real pain to get out the red and get back to blonde again…actually the new hair color trend is red in any shades, my favorite one is carrot red!

8. Ankle Roll Ups – long and skinny legs are needed for sure to make this look perfect, but all the rest of us can try to make it work as well :)

9. Oversized Jeans Shirts – OMG, skeletons of the 80s are awakening and coming our way :)

10. Umbrellas of course :) – fashion item or not, it’s definitely something you’ve got to carry around in London, in order to keep your hair and make-up in order and since it’s a must to carry on out of practical reasons, you’d better take advantage and make a fashion statement thru it as well.

Daydreaming about London...

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Casual, but still sexy!

A casual layered look I chose for walking around lovely London. Knee heights are a must in London town :)
I'm wearing a plain white t-shirt, a light beige knith top, both by Mango, a Stradivarius sweater (for which I replaced the buttons and added brown lace on the back), a brown scarf I got from Turkey, some denim shorts from Calliope, knee hights from Golden Point and the cutest shoes from Felimini.

Hope you'll like it.
Hugs & Kisses,

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tulle, White Tights and Mary Janes!

Friday Night. Romantic Indonesian Dinner (Thanks, Baby!). Clubbing out in Soho, London.

Got a lot of compliments for my handmade tulle skirt (own creation :)) and was actually so pleasantly surprised by how nice people where and by the way they approached me :) Both men and women!
I'm wearing a 100% handmade tulle skirt (on top of a high waist H&M skirt), a sailor shirt by Mango, white tights and black Bullboxer suede Mary Janes. I chose to complete the look with a handmade clutch (bought it extrenly cheap at a fair) and the cutest, red ribbon, high waist belt I found at the metro station :)
Leave a comment and let me know what you think!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Accesorize Now! Brooche-Mania Unleashed :)

Sweet Chique Ladies,

I am a bit obsessed with brooches lately and rarely have an outfit on that is not completed by a brooch! ...this might be becoming obvious to many already :)
A wonderful new collection of all unique and handmade brooches awaits you, while they will guaranteed make all your outfits special and add a bit of glam, fun, elegance or charme, depending on which one you choose!
Special thanks to my wonderful Mommy for this amazing brooch collection!

Hugs & Kisses,

Do you love butterflies? I do, so I kept the salmon one :)! Now the wonderful Butterfly Love brooches are coming your way! Canvas or satin wings, with special worked out borders, enriched with delicate tulle and an elegant body made out of black beads. Available in light&dark pink, burgundy&pale pink, light&dark blue, yellow&mint green, purple&pale pink and light mauve&intense purple. Can you resist them?
Price: 20 Ron a piece (5.5 Euro a piece)
-light&dark pink-SOLD
-burgundy&pale pink-SOLD
-purple&pale pink-SOLD

Detailed view of delicate pink Butterfly Love brooch.
Price: 20 Ron (5.5 Euro)-SOLD

Stardust Sparkle coming your way with the glittery buttons flower brooches made out of satin or canvas combined with rich tulle layers. Available in grey&black, light& intense purple, burgundy&pink, orange&burgundy&pink and pink&salmon. Wich is your color combo?
Price: 20 Ron a piece (5.5 Euro a piece)
-grey&black - SOLD
-orange&burgundy&pink - SOLD
-pink&salmon - SOLD

Detailed view of Stardust Sparkle flower brooch in light grey and black.
Price: 20 Ron (5.5 Euro)-SOLD

Fringed Chique brooches for you! Four delicate fringy flower brooches entirely in pale pink or in pale pink combined with salmon and orange. Which one is you?
Price: 20 Ron a piece (5.5 Euro a piece)
-pink canvas&pale pink and salmon tulle - SOLD

Detailed view of Fringed Chique pink, salmon and orange flower brooch.
Price: 20 Ron (5.5 Euro)-SOLD

Purple Dreams flower brooch made out of elegant pale pink satin with printed leaves and light mauve and intense purple tulle, accesorized with a pale pink bead.
Price: 20 Ron (5.5 Euro)

Blue Lagoon flower brooch made out of blue canvas and pale mauve tulle, accesorized with a white, pearly button.
Price: 20 Ron (5.5 Euro)

Shamrock Magic! Put your lucky charm brooch on and luck will come your way :) This delicate green satin and tulle brooch is accesorized with a sweet, little ladybird.
Price: 20 Ron (5.5 Euro)- SOLD

Tartan Glam flower brooch made out of rich tartan accesorized with black tulle and an intense red button framed by yellow and blue canvas. Can you hear the bagpipe singing :)?
Price: 20 Ron (5.5 Euro)- SOLD

Lace Dream flower brooch made of navy blue lace and light grey tulle, accesorized with shiny, transparent and black bead fringes. There's nothing as feminine as lace :)
Price: 20 Ron (5.5 Euro)-SOLD

Nature calling! Dark green canvas flower brooch with a colorful leaves print, accesorized with salmon colored tulle and delicate dark green and yellow beads.
Price: 20 Ron (5.5. Euro)-SOLD

Ladybird Love flower brooch made out of black and white canvas on red satin, accesorized with rich black tulle and a super cute ladybird button!
Price: 20 Ron (5.5 Euro) - SOLD

Ladybird Charme brooch made out of intense red velvet, accesorized with delicate black and white beads. 100% Adorable!
Price: 20 RON (5.5 Euro)- SOLD