Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Double Belted

Yes, I do love accesories and sometimes cannot decide where to stop, wearing two belts can be an option in such moments or not? Would you/ do you wear two belts at once?


Monday, November 7, 2011

The Beret Cliché

Well, the beret is definitely a widely spread cliché about the fashion style of the French, as they definitely do not run around wearing berets and striped shirts all day long! The thing about the baguette as an accesory is more close to reality I would say :), as French mornings cannot be complete without the tasty baguettes and you'll very often see them running around from the bakeries carrying fresh ones home.

Still...I could not help it and I had to wear my sweet  beret :)

Beret: Vintage ( My mom's); Sweater: Primark; Top: Mango; Shorts: Mango; Belt, Bag & Shoes: Thrifted

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Un Verre de Vin?

"What is the definition of good wine? It should start and end with a smile."
Wiliam Sokolin

A glass of wine can be the greatest treat in certain moments, it can be the perfect match to sitting by the fireplace on a cold night, to reading a good book, to browsing thru pictures that remind you of a great holiday, to having a lovely chat with dear ones, to enjoying a well deserved, delicious meal, to dreaming away and relaxing after an exhausting day and so many, many more... 

How does your perfect wine delight moment look like?


Top: Primark; Skirt: H&M; Scarf, belt & bag: thrifted, Booties: Reserved

Sunday, October 30, 2011


Sunny days just make me feel good, the no particular reason "feel good" feeling...and when other nice things add up to that, it all makes a perfect (sun)day! A lovely smile, a morning hug, a delish surprise for breakfast, a long walk, the atumn colors in the park, candle light dinner, a special package sent and delivered with love, home. Oh, yes, I just adore those days! (smiling).

Wish you a lovely week to come, with lost of sunny moments :)


Jacket: Bershka; Pants: Vintage (my mom's); Boots: Ugg; Necklace: Koton, Owl Earrings: Koton

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Me & A Magazine Cover - Need Your Help

Hey Honeys,

I have entered a contest for the best cover of a local magazine. Please VOTE for me here, if you like it!
Thanks so much for your help and support!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Why Do Sailors Wear Stripes?

Well...because I am an extremly curious nature :), I had to ask myself this question...Why do they wear stripes or why do we at least seem to think they do? So I googled it and it was the first time ever that I found no satisfying response within the infinity of the internet...and then, askig around, I got an explanation I could live with, from an old "sea wolf": the stripes symbolize the blue sea, the clear skies and the union between them when sailing the waters! Makes sense, doesn't it?

If you have any better explanation, do share!



Sweater: Vintage, handmade by my mom; Skirt: H&M; Top: H&M; Scarf: Vintage

Monday, October 24, 2011

November 17th is V-Day for H&M

Yes, ladies, a little bit longer and the Versace H&M collection will be available online and in 300 stores worldwide!
The few precious collection items have the true Versace style written all over them: the bold colors, the lively prints, the studds, the sequins, the leather and the sexy glamour touch with a sometimes thin, thin border line to slutty and kitsch....but what the heck, that's Versace and that's what we want Donatella to keep delivering to the fashion world.

A sneak preview below, first pics released just a few days ago...
I just gotta have the black leather dress!!!


Friday, October 21, 2011

Lift me up @ 18Lounge

Up to the 18th floor, please :)

Not sure if you have tried this one out yet or if you have just heard about it, plan to go and are still waiting for the right moment...in any case it will become one of your faves, I bet!
The location, the design, the music, the panorama, the food and the service are the perfect combination for a great evening!

Located on the top floor of the twin towers at Piata Presei in northern Bucharest, the restaurant offers a beautiful panoramic view of Bucharest in a minimalistic, classy design while serving fancy, delish cuisine in "French" portions . The Embassy group has opened this lovely place earlier this year and they have taken their already very good services up to the next level in a most definitely successful and refined manner.

Prices? Hmmm...lower high end I would say, expect to pay around 200-250 RON for a dinner for two.
Portions? Small, as expected in a fine dine place :)
I am a true gourmet and eat a lot usually, but I never managed to have starter, main dish and desert for dinner, while still being able to eat some more...and at 18Lounge I did :)
Food taste? Very good (I recommend the beef!).
Service? Good, rather casual, friendly approach than fine dine manners. Kitchen is fast!



P.S. I did not have my camera with me, pics are taken from the 18Lounge official site.