Thursday, June 30, 2011

Something old, something new, something vintage, something blue

I just love airports, actually I could spend my whole life travelling from airports and living in hotels ;) I guess there are so many reasons why ... it's the buzz, the energized atmosphere, the people you see rushing about, some in stress of getting to check in on time, others busy with quickly buying some gifts for people who await them, either cause they forgot to get them before or just because travel shops come in handy, some people in pure excitement about what will happen next; it's the strong emotions when some say good-bye, while others hug each other in tears of joy or laughing or smiling when getting back together; it's the thrill of getting there, whether it's a great trip or getting back home; it's the fancy pilots and stewardesses in their chic & neat uniforms; ok, maybe it's the shops as well :); it's watching a whole world, all sorts of people, all races, all styles, all sizes, all ages rushing thru your eyes in fast forward ...
Oh, I miss being on an airport again, I just long to fly away...


P.S. Bag: Guess; Pants: from my mom's closest, I think they're from the 90s; Top: Stradivarius; Sandals: Primark; Scarf: Vintage, from the 50s

And Yes, I do have to wear glasses, mostly at work though, contacts are my best friends all the other times :)

Where is your next flight going to, sweeties?

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

HE's the most beautiful sHE

First, take a look at those pictures and this surreal, androgynous beauty...the ice blond hair, the full, sensual lips, the delicate nose and the bedroom eyes...super hot & sexy for sure!

NOW, answer honestly: would you have ever imagined it's a man? ...posing as one of the most sexiest and beautiful women? Andrej Pejic, the "gender-bender" sensation is one of the most successful and most wanted models of the moment. The 19 year old Serbian, growing up in Australia, gave his modeling career a real boost when moving to London and meeting up with sarah Doukas, the woman who discovered and promoted Kate Moss, back in the days when nobody else seemed to believe she could make it in the fashion business. It was her suggestion to have Andrej available for both female and male modeling jobs, due to his fascinating duality. Once Jean Paul Gaultier laid eyes on him, fashion magic instantly happened, Andrej even walked the catwalk as a JPG bride! Then Marc Jacobs also booked him for his SS11 campaign and ever since, the amazing jobs just keep coming in!

Andrej shocked in the photo shoot for Dossier and became really famous when these pics were banned! Why? Because no breasts could be seen! He was even voted among the most sexiest women by the FHM readers, while everybody was amazed and shocked to realize it was a man who got all those votes. The FHM guys did not even know what to do with the results :)

He had tough times growing up as a special boy, hiding when playing with dolls, trying to be as manly as his brother Igor and make his parents proud, preferring to be isolated from all the rest he was so different from and who would not make much of his non standard looks. Then, moving to an art school he got the so much needed encouragement to be who he really was, a boy of a shocking beauty, not a transvestite, not wishing to be a girl, but simply just being himself.

And that's what it comes to in our lives really, we have to have the guts to be who we are,  in order to LIVE, it's beautiful to be different, if others cannot handle that, it's their problem only!

RESPECT, Andrej!

P.S. I know I was gone for a while, thanks to those who missed me :) I took a very well deserved holiday, to be shared soon :)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Discount Shopping Mission: 4xShoes + 1xSkirt + 1xShirt = 60 Euros :)

Don't you just love shopping wisely??? ... and I say wisely in order not to use the not so cool "cheap" word :)...but I have to be honest with you, nothing compares to buying cheap and beautiful things! It's like digging for gold: it's exiciting, it's exhausting, it takes so much time to dig thru piles of stuff, just to reveal a few little, discounted wonders to take home. Buying more expensive stuff is a wonderful feeling of course, it's about spoiling myself, feeling like a little princess, but it's just too easy :)

Being fashionable does not have to cost much at all, if you just know how, when and what to shop for. It's important to set priorities and invest well from now and then in some more expensive items (especially shoes and bags) to mix up with vintage pieces, that are unique and will add an original and artistique touch to your look and also combine with highstreet fast fashion items.

 Incited by the recent Eco Chic event that I had missed, I took off on my expedition to a local outlet store  (Miniprix- Otopeni) today and it was not in vain: 4 lovely pairs of shoes, a super cute animal print mini and an used look denim shirt is what I call a successfull mission :) Jackpot!

My best buy today are these amazing Pablo Fuster portuguese beauties, I just cant believe I paid 15 Euro for them!!! What do you think?

Did I need all this stuff? Of course not, but fashion is not about rational actions, is it?


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My Mom, the Style Icon

Insipred by a post on Dolls Factory mentioning a book about stylish moms and leading me to discover the blog that orginated it, I have planned this most special post on my blog for quite some time now...Am feeling excited, anxious and nervous at the same time, knowing none of those words or pictures will actually express my love and admiration for her, MY MOM! When emotions are so strong it just feels that no words are powerful enough...

The brains, the looks, the big mouth :) and a great passion for fashion and style...these and so much more I inherited from an amazing woman, my lovely mom! I just love looking at her inspiring pics, especially the ones from the 60s and 70s, admiring all her special looks, with mostly handmade, all unique clothes! An unsophisticated expression of style and class, with an extremly discrete sexy note and a personal touch of  good taste and creativity, a mix of girlie and a young, strong woman, always surprising and admirable - that's how I would describe her fashion statement...and it still feels like an understatment!

Most of the clothing items you see below, from the stunning wedding dress to that lovely swimsuit are her design, truly amazing DIY projects! Starting from the 60s to the 70s and also for the decades to follow one thing is always true: Fashion fades, her style remains! And the most beautiful part of it all is that my mom has cherished all her most precious dresses, suits, skirts, pants and accesories and I can enjoy wearing them today! My most precious vintage treasures I got from my mom :)

I will let those pictures speak for themselves, mentioning though that they actually offer a very poor view on my mom's unique beauty and style in real life...


Thursday, June 2, 2011

Fashion is Architecture... is a matter of proportions, as the amazing Coco Chanel said once. It's always all about the right shapes, sizes, raw materials, colors and combining them into what makes a perfect look for a certain body type. Feeling creative and finally finding some time, I played "architect" and designed this little project featuring one of my favorite quotes. I realized just how much I had missed this and how much time had passed since my last Art-TEE-stique project... It's just so much fun, it's relaxing and a great feeling to wear a one of a kind tee!...soon to be the star of an outfit :)

And here's how to proceed for your own DIY tee project :)  Hope you'll find the tutorial useful!
You need: a plain white tee ( I chose one of my boyfriend's shirts, which is an oversized look for me, while also knowing he wore it, makes it so much special to wear myself), pins, scissors, a stencil, fabric color, brushes (real thin ones for an exact contour) and a thin textile marker.
Cut out the V - neck. Carefully fold the tee in half and use pins to fix the front an back. Then decide how deep & wide your cleavage will be. I used another tee for direction, too make sure not too much will be cut out.
Since once you draw a line, it can't really be corrected as painting on tees is not as easy as painting on canvas, it's safest to print/ draw out your stencil on a sheet of paper and then copy the basic guiding lines on the tee before starting to paint. Using a thin fabric marker is the best choice.
Now...start painting this out till you're done :) Since I wanted to use a special font for my quote, I used a printed stencil for the text as well.  The final result is soooooo cool, I think I have a new favorite t-shirt <3

Let me know if you decide to try this out, I would love to see pics of the final result.