Thursday, October 18, 2012

Summer Memento

 Sending some warm summer, holiday vibes your way :) No worries, pics are from July, while now I am enjoying autumn in the office, like most of you...

In terms of what I was wearing on that happy day in Lisbon, this look illustrates how I just adore to combine textures, colors and  styles: the delicate, nude boudoir chic dress,made of light chiffon, my most adored green wool sweater (it belonged to my mom in her college years), a vintage khaki belt, the chunky, brown wedge sandals, the sporty bag, which I take to the beach or to the office, an all-rounder :) and the huuuuge rose pendant, which is really at the very thin border between chic and totally kitsch.
You tell me if this combinations works!