Friday, May 21, 2010

My new addiction: RED LIPS!

Yes, I admit red lips are my new obsession! A very new obsession, while I used to always dislike red lips for myself so far and always felt they do not flatter me :)…now: “Dislike” was replace by “I loooooove” :)

Red lips were invented by Cleopatra and never left the “beauty scene” ever since! Adored and admired by some, feared or condemned by others, red lips were even banned in England in the 18th century, while women with red lips were stigmatized as witches. In the 19th century Guerlain created the first red lipstick and in the roaring twenties the first rotating mechanism was introduced to the market.
Red lips are feminine, sexy, chic, classy and elegant, if you only know how to wear them! If you go with red on your lips, keep everything else in terms of makeup really simple. Some eyeliner and blush will do, really, otherwise you either look like a clown or like the type of girl that gets asked: “Nice, how much?” :) Both - BIG NO GO’s! (read some style tips on;

My recommendation in terms of red lips: Rouge Coco No.19 by Chanel. I just got it recently and I totally adore its color and its texture. It leaves your lips really soft and smooth :)

Hugs & Kisses,
Your "Red-lips Meelusha"


  1. I love red lips! They are an amazing way to add a pop of fun, sex and colour to any look and they make everyone feel beautiful!

  2. Agreed :) Have you tried out the Rouge Coco? It's amazing!


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