Monday, November 15, 2010

Sweet November in Lachatterie

Never loved autumn so much like this year...and never felt November was as sweet as it is now! The amazing weather this weekend kept us mostly out of the house, enjoying the sun and getting spoiled. We started Saturday with some jogging in the park and by enjoying a delicios meal at Rue du Pain (Floreasca 111-113). In the afternoon then, I attended the "Absolutely Fabulous" vintage & fashion fair at Margo Lounge. There I met the very sweet & talented Isabelle from Lachatterie (click on post title to go directly to her blog and get to know her work) and instantly fell in love with this cute, 50s inspired little dress she created! Thanks, Isabelle for this wonderful piece I call my own now... and I defnitely want more :)

On Sunday, I just had to take this cutie out for a walk and it was just the perfect day to wear it :)
Enjoy the shots!


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