Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Why Do Sailors Wear Stripes?

Well...because I am an extremly curious nature :), I had to ask myself this question...Why do they wear stripes or why do we at least seem to think they do? So I googled it and it was the first time ever that I found no satisfying response within the infinity of the internet...and then, askig around, I got an explanation I could live with, from an old "sea wolf": the stripes symbolize the blue sea, the clear skies and the union between them when sailing the waters! Makes sense, doesn't it?

If you have any better explanation, do share!



Sweater: Vintage, handmade by my mom; Skirt: H&M; Top: H&M; Scarf: Vintage


  1. I never really asked myself that question but it is a good one! :D Haha, great look, I love the scarf and your haaaaair - more than my own ! :X

  2. Baticul bunicii :) Ce frumos ar fi sa-l pastrezi , sa-l poarte si fata ta :) Mor dupa fusta ta . Mi-am luat si eu una acum cateva zile , dar trebuie s-o modific :( Pe tine sta foarte foarte bine :)

  3. thanks my darlings!
    @anaivilo: pot recomanda hair stilistul :)
    @MoGIo: aproape ca e al bunicii, e de prin 60 de la matusa mea, de lana...very special, nu se mai fac azi asa!


  4. Your hair looks amazing! Thanks so much for your comment : )


  5. Love the lim green cardigan!!! Goes perfect w/ your hair. It looks so chic w/ your long black skirt and Parisian striped shirt.


  6. fabulous look! Love your hair color!

  7. ma bucur ca mi-ai lasat comment! ca acum uite ca te-am descoperit si-mi place taaaaaaaare mult! Esti speciala! Love your hair, style si pozele sunt excelenete!
    Te puup

  8. love your hair color with that green ! x

  9. Thanks a lot for the comment!
    You look lovely.. I adore your hair and how it contrasts with the fresh green color of the cardigan. The scarf is a nice touch.

    S. - The Hearabouts

  10. Very interesting and poetic explanation! I think now I love these shirts more than before ;)

    I love the combination with black long skirt and cardigan (your mom has gold hands!) and scarf as brights spots ~

    Well, this scarf make me feel a kind of nostalgia: I used to spend summer vacation at my granny and she had a lot of such things :)

  11. sailors started wearing stripes so they could be easily seen after falling overboard

  12. Why sailors wear stripes:

    It was the French navy that is thought to have been the first to utilise the sailor stripe pattern for its sailors in 1858, and its function was purely practical: If a sailor fell overboard the bright, distinctive striped pattern acted like a modern-day neon jacket which could easily be spotted amidst the waves. Later, many French fishermen also adopted these “marinière” striped shirts for similar reasons.


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