Saturday, January 15, 2011

Join my 1st GIVEAWAY!


Finally!!! It's time for me to host the 1st giveaway on my blog and I'm really excited about it! Since I wanted it to be something really special for my lovely followers, it took me quite some time to decide what it will be, and taking some more time to make up my mind was definitely worth it, because it's a simply amazing collection item!!!

I love vintage and glamourous fabrics, so...

Tadaaaah, here it is: an amazing 60s vintage silk scarf by Daniel la Foret (Paris)! The generous size of 75cm/75cm will defintely allow you to style it in many spectacular ways, while I especially paid attention to choosing this giveaway also based on the color palette, so it will be 100% in style for S/S 11! I am totally in love with it and it's hard to say goodbye, but I am sure you lucky winner, will cherish it as much as I do!

WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO DO to win this vintage treasure:
1. Follow both my blogs: and
2. Leave a comment on this post where you tell me what your favorite style decade is
3. Don't forget to include your e-mail address in the comment, so we can get in touch if you're the lucky winner :)

Deadline to enter the Giveaway is Feb 10th! Open worldwide!

Good luck, honeys!!!


  1. felicitari cu primul giveaway!as vrea si eu sa particip,de ce nu?...superba esarfa,poate fi asortata usor la o tinuta simpla,careia sa-i dea un aer boem.te

  2. bafta mare :) ma bucur ca iti place esarfa, e o mica comoara pt mine!

  3. my favorite style decade is the 80s :) my e-mail is

    congrats on the first giveaway :D will take a while before mine...


  4. good luck, angie, thanks for joining!

  5. Thank you for your comment, I will continue collecting vintage blogs, hope you like it.
    This is my mail:

  6. My Favorite Fashion era would have to be the 1950's. I just love the puffy dresses and the sided hats, my favorite...
    Keep up the good work Meelusha!! My e-mail is

  7. Enter me please! Following both on GFC.
    My fav era would be the 1970's.

    Ana Belén R.M
    fisiwoman at hotmail dot com

  8. I love the 70's with all the maxi dresses and the wonderful crazy prints, I guess I'm a flower power kid at heart. I'm following you on both blogs, here's my email address: I also love the scarf and can't believe I discovered your blog so late. Kisses:)

  9. sweet ladies, thank you so much for joining and best of luck!

  10. That is such a lovely scarf. I LOVE it.

    My favorite style decade is the 70's and 30's.

  11. My favorite style decade is the 70's. I love the mini retro dresses, slim-fit pants and platform shoes

  12. good luck, honeys! 3 more weeks till we announce the lucky winner :)

  13. ı follow your two blogs from turkey.
    ılove 70s style


  14. I will definitely follow your 2 blogs !
    I create half of my clothes myself and I love to see other people's creations :) (I saw you on hypeed with that gorgeous tulle skirt).
    At the moment my favourite decade is the 50s, with high-waisted full skirts and short, narrow-waisted cardigans (I'm almost done with knitting one).

  15. Hello there! I just saw your post on Chictopia and decided to take a gander at your blogs! They are very lovely and I gladly followed both.

    My favorite decade at the moment would have to be the 90s. Courtney Love is my style inspiration, so I'm always looking for baby doll dresses or plaid shirts.

    My e-mail:

  16. Following both your blogs! :)

    Great scarf! Thanks for the heads up on Chictopia!

    Come check out my blog!

    ::fingers crossed::


  17. My fave era in fashion was the 60's...

    I love that scarf. Check out my blog as well.

  18. I like the style as an étnico de madrid ...
    lusizova at


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