Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tulle, White Tights and Mary Janes!

Friday Night. Romantic Indonesian Dinner (Thanks, Baby!). Clubbing out in Soho, London.

Got a lot of compliments for my handmade tulle skirt (own creation :)) and was actually so pleasantly surprised by how nice people where and by the way they approached me :) Both men and women!
I'm wearing a 100% handmade tulle skirt (on top of a high waist H&M skirt), a sailor shirt by Mango, white tights and black Bullboxer suede Mary Janes. I chose to complete the look with a handmade clutch (bought it extrenly cheap at a fair) and the cutest, red ribbon, high waist belt I found at the metro station :)
Leave a comment and let me know what you think!


  1. Victoria SanchezJune 17, 2010 at 9:34 PM

    perfect outfit! the red bow completes it

  2. nobody can argue.... you are adorable!!! That bow is amazing, i want it! Very cute with your little T-strap heels too. The white leggings are super daring, but I think you pull it off, it would also be a lot of fun with a really sexy lace tight, pinup style. Add a big flower in your hair and you'll be unstoppable!

  3. LOVE IT! vad ca ti-ai achizitionat si rujul :) esti ca o papusica :))

  4. Meelusha, Wow, you hit it so well with this look. I love that you created the skirt with some yards of tulle!! That is the wonderful, quirky "do it yourself" spirit and it cannot be faked. You have it. I love the look on your face, formidable! The anchor of the black tulle (funny, calling the ephemeral tulle an anchor, but that is how it looks to me!), the snap of the roaring red waist bow belt, the cheekiness of the black and white stripey boatneck, the unusual innocence of the opaque white tights and the black Mary Janes, and finished marvelously with a snappy hair-do, fabulous makeup (love love love the smoky eyes and strong red lip), and that potent look on your face. This is a joy to behold!

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  6. Hay dear blogger!
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  7. vey cute look, love how you put it together!

  8. You look like a doll! Great outfit!


    Kisses from Atlanta!

  9. I'm blushing guys...:) Thanks for all the nice words!!!


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