Monday, June 21, 2010

My Top 10 London Fashion Must Haves

My last vacation in London was amazing and for sure one of the best I ever had. This city is so inspiring and has definitely made it to #1 on my list of favorite places in the world. New York has stolen my heart years ago and it was really tough to downgrade it to #2...sorry NYC, but there’s no place like my lovely London!
A Cultural Babel Tower, offering anything you need (and don’t need!) in terms of clubs, food, music, theaters, sights, architecture and of course fashion, London will never bore you, it might wear you out eventually :), but even being exhausted, you’ll not be bored! ...and YES, there is the London fashion: fresh, bold, daring, sexy at times, shocking from now and then as well, you’ll see things you’ll like, but would never wear, thing’s you’d love to wear, but never would have thought about combining! You’ll see divas, freaks, punks, hippies, thrift fans, glamour girls, artists, models ...all making a statement thru their fashion, all giving you their view of the world and their life’s philosophy thru their individual looks.
Despite the uncontestable originality, trends are still visible and certain items repeat themselves in a London Fashion Day, therefore I am proud to present to you my Top 10 London Must Have’s, ta-daaaaah:

1. Geek Glasses – could not stand them in the beginning, I guess that if you wear glasses like I do since you are a child, it does not seem fun playing around and wearing huge one’s, I always try to get rid of them…but now I love them and got my Londonese Geeks :)

2. Oxford Shoes – could women shoes get more ugly and more unflattering than this?...maybe yes, maybe no…I still think they are ugly, but at the same time fascinating and I feel challenged by looking good, sexy and glamorous, wearing a pair of those, so I got two: a new fresh pair in pale pink (soooo cute) and a vintage pair in different shades of brown. Ugly shoes, I love you so!!!

3. Torn Tights – on this trend I’ll pass, although if my tights get torn by accident, I will claim I’m 100% in style :)

4. Enormously (extremely) high High –Heels – Ladies, I have never seen such heels before and not on so many girls that have to actually walk in them for a pretty long distance!!! It often reminded me of circus acrobatics!:) Respect ladies! The way you look in them, though…all the suffering is 100% worth it!

5. Knee High Socks – either up to the knees or above, soooo glad they’re back, since I’ve always loved them and think they are great on so many of us! Got a lot of them, too bad the weather won’t let me wear them right now and I have to wait for autumn :(

6. Lace Dresses – romantic fabric, to be combined in many ways, even the most unromantic ones, if you think biker boots and leather jacket, but it works!

7. Red Hair – going there, Ladies, it has to be when I decide to give up the blonde though, who’s been thru it knows, it’s a real pain to get out the red and get back to blonde again…actually the new hair color trend is red in any shades, my favorite one is carrot red!

8. Ankle Roll Ups – long and skinny legs are needed for sure to make this look perfect, but all the rest of us can try to make it work as well :)

9. Oversized Jeans Shirts – OMG, skeletons of the 80s are awakening and coming our way :)

10. Umbrellas of course :) – fashion item or not, it’s definitely something you’ve got to carry around in London, in order to keep your hair and make-up in order and since it’s a must to carry on out of practical reasons, you’d better take advantage and make a fashion statement thru it as well.

Daydreaming about London...


  1. Amazing blog! Cute!

    xx fesi-fashion

  2. Love this top 10 London must haves!! Especially those oxfords.

  3. Dank u vel, Femke! I am honored :)

  4. Love this list!! I need a lace dress, badly!!

    <3 Kelly

  5. Hey, Kelly! Thanks! Of course you need one, it's a MUST :) I got one in lime, it's so adorable and uniting two trends in one!

    <3 back,

  6. yo! i was staring at a pair of oxford shoes (no idea that they had a name :P, btw) two weeks ago in bruges. definitely want a pair. dark blue. loved the post.
    angelique, not yet from a pub, but sunny bcn. ;P

  7. Cheers, Angelique:) How was London?


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