Thursday, December 9, 2010

Playing with Vogue Looklet and This Winter's Must Haves

Ladies, try it out and you'll fall in love with it instantly!!!

Browsing the Vogue page, I discovered this amazing feature and I spent the last hour daydreaming about my "Winter '10 Must Haves" photo shoot assignment as a stylist :) I just had to share my discovery with you guys! It's so much fun to style around a model of your choice, you'll find the most beautiful clothes from the coolest designers, mixed up with Zara and Topshop items and spiced up with Vintage treasures... You can experiment the newest trends and combine like crazy to find the best looks.

For this winter season there are definitely a few things that cannot be missing from your closet and my advice is to invest in some key items, where you can be a bit more generous in regards to the budget that will definitely spice up your older pieces and make sure you're 100% in style!

There definitely has to be a maxi dress or skirt in your wardrobe this winter, while I love to combine delicate fabrics in nude, beige or white with more "fierce" textures like leather (aviator jackets are totally in!) or with extra large sweaters accesorized with a belt to mark the waist for a feminine look (Girls, start raiding your man's closet ASAP! It's the cheapest way to get one of this winter's hottest trends! ). And yes, faux fur ruuuuuulz right now, so go crazy with collars and hats! UGGs are and will always be in style, gotta have a pair of those as well, at least a pair, cause ladies, we do deserve to feel warm and comfy and there's nothing like UGGs when it come to this feeling :) Baroque is calling, as brocade is also making it's way up the trend ladder! In terms of colors camel is one of the big favorites.

And: do not forget to accesorize, ALWAYS: gloves, berets, hats, bracelets, necklaces, belts and so on and so on, always!

Hugs & Kisses,

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