Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Vintage Silk Jackpot

A silk shirt for 1 (correct O-N-E!) dollar is an acquisition that gives you an amazing feeling, and truly passionate vintage shoppers understand that well: nothing really compares to finding such a little gem in between junk. A great bargain is always a special shopping experience, only for me, second hand shop bargains are 10x better, like a little drug that I always keep coming back to.

Silk shirt & jeans? Definitely yes, for a refined casual look in the spirit of "Working class girl goes Lady"

My Style Tip: Oversized shirts are always to be combined with slim bottoms, otherwise you might look like Alice shrunken in Wonderland. It's important to use the right "accents" in order to define your shapes, despite the XL top. I like the combination with a statement necklace to put an accent on the neckline. When not wearing anything on top of the shirt, I always choose rolling up the sleeves to reduce some of the "oversize effect" and define the silhouette in the upper part of the body. Use belts or tuck it in to define your waistline.

Sweater Jacket: Mango, Shirt & Bag: Vintage, Sun Glasses: Gucci; Boots: BBUp

Location: San Francisco, California

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