Wednesday, February 2, 2011

étnico de madrid ...

Hola a todos!

Back from our 8th anniversary trip to Madrid, a city I totally, completely adore!!! Viva Madrid!
The people, the arcitecture, the food, the bars...the shops and the incredible sales...the perfect combination altogether for Madrid to make it to my Top 3 of favorite european destinations!

On one of the lovely days spent there, I wore this ethnic touch outfit, with a very cute story behind it.

Vest: Knitted by my all started with two kitchen towels I found in a vintage shop for 30 cents each, with amazing coral colored flowers on it! I bought them in an instant because I had a vision :) and I knew I would cut them out and apply them to something...then after my immagination had processed all options, I thought it would have to be a vest in raspberry pink! I searched for wool in the envisioned color, but it was nowhere to be found...Then...when I was about to give up the raspberry dream, my mom found an old sweater in the perfect color, waiting quietly in a bag to be given away. She unknit it and used the thread to produce this lovely vest! The flowers were applied and there was my vision, becoming reality :) The End

Maxi Dress: Vintage (bought it on my first trip to Vienna about 12 years ago :)
Sweater: H&M
Boots: BB Up
Faux Fur Collar: H&M

Hugs and Kisses,


  1. aha ,acolo erai!!!a mi tambien me encanta Madrid,Barcelona! am fost in toata spania de viaje .me encanta tu outfit, guapa!!!!besos ,querida amiga!

  2. multu muuuuuuult! esti o scumpa, ca de obicei :)

  3. love the colour of your vest.xx

  4. Very pretty vest and haircolor ! Thank you for your comment on hypeed. I am following your 2 blogs on bloglovin :)

  5. Welcome back ;)
    great outfit, i really love the vest xox

  6. thanks, honeys!!! such lovely comments!

  7. I love your blog. It's great. Take a look to my new post if you want. xoxo


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