Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Secret of The Perfect Hair Bun

Hey Sweeties,

lately I am madly in love with hairupdo's, especially with tying my hair up to a classy, ballerina hair bun. Everytime I wear my hair like that I am getting so many questions about how I style my medium length hair like that, people are even asking if I came straight from the hair saloon or if I spent a lot of time trying to get it like that...and the answer is: a mysterious little helper: the hair donut (Duttkissen in German)! and it takes less than 5 minutes!

I got mine in Germany, but you can find them in multiple online stores, this is one of them

The below tutorial from Youtube should give you a more clear picture on how it's done!

Simple as that, the secret is out :)


  1. da,am vazut in germania o gramada chestii pentru par,inclusiv si astea. nu am luat luat alta chestie,nu stiu cum se numeste,dar ma chinui sa prindparul cu ea.pupicei!

  2. cunosteam donutsĂșl asta:)))))
    personalmente prefer un messy bun....nici nu il am destul de lung k sa iasa asa perfect:(

  3. I will definitely be trying this one out xxx thanks for sharing

  4. Great tutorial ! I have long hair but it is quite thin, this will help me making prettierl buns :)


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