Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Ab Fab Shopping X-perience

A really nice way to start the day is a special shopping spree ... and that's how my day started after having a delicios breakfast: the Absolutely Fabulous Vintage & Fashion Fair at Villa Rodizio, a super chic and cool location in a historic mansion in downtown Bucharest.

There were so many beautiful pieces everywhere, it was actually a huge challenge to keep up with the "sightseeing" as some bling bling here was catching my eye and then some tulle and lace in vibrant colors called me over, while handpainted shoes and bags awaited just a few meters away :) Bursting with my characterictic excitement when faced with such situations, thrilled with being surrounded by handmade and vintage treasures, I "succesfully" managed to go over my budget and acquire two superb pieces: a simply amazing brown coat created by an extremly talented designer from my hometown Cluj (Diana Antohi) and an adorable maxi skirt by sweet Isabelle from Lachatterie, already one of my faves.

Can't wait to wear those one of a kind pieces that defnitely have a special place in my wardrobe's hall of fame ;)

Enjoy some pics below.

Ab Fab Hugs & Kisses,


  1. hello, fost si eu ,dar am uitat fotoaparatul acasa.pup,fabulous choice!

  2. ce rau imi pare ca nu ne-am intalnit! chiar m-am uitat dupa tine :( ramane pe data viitoare! te pup

  3. ce sweet esti :* de abia astept sa vad un post cu ea mai ales ca si pe celelalte doua le ai combinat in outfituri super dragute :) ne vedem joi !

  4. merci ma belle :) daaaa, de abia astept si eu sa o scot in lume!!!


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