Thursday, June 2, 2011

Fashion is Architecture... is a matter of proportions, as the amazing Coco Chanel said once. It's always all about the right shapes, sizes, raw materials, colors and combining them into what makes a perfect look for a certain body type. Feeling creative and finally finding some time, I played "architect" and designed this little project featuring one of my favorite quotes. I realized just how much I had missed this and how much time had passed since my last Art-TEE-stique project... It's just so much fun, it's relaxing and a great feeling to wear a one of a kind tee!...soon to be the star of an outfit :)

And here's how to proceed for your own DIY tee project :)  Hope you'll find the tutorial useful!
You need: a plain white tee ( I chose one of my boyfriend's shirts, which is an oversized look for me, while also knowing he wore it, makes it so much special to wear myself), pins, scissors, a stencil, fabric color, brushes (real thin ones for an exact contour) and a thin textile marker.
Cut out the V - neck. Carefully fold the tee in half and use pins to fix the front an back. Then decide how deep & wide your cleavage will be. I used another tee for direction, too make sure not too much will be cut out.
Since once you draw a line, it can't really be corrected as painting on tees is not as easy as painting on canvas, it's safest to print/ draw out your stencil on a sheet of paper and then copy the basic guiding lines on the tee before starting to paint. Using a thin fabric marker is the best choice.
Now...start painting this out till you're done :) Since I wanted to use a special font for my quote, I used a printed stencil for the text as well.  The final result is soooooo cool, I think I have a new favorite t-shirt <3

Let me know if you decide to try this out, I would love to see pics of the final result.



  1. what a marvelous idea...I am so going to try this xxx

  2. ce talentata! super ideea! puuuup

  3. esti super talentata! imi place cum a iesit tricoul!

  4. I just stumbled on your blog! :D I love your style and its a really fun blog! :D

  5. Ce super! Cred ca ti-a iesit grozav! :D E frumos sa iti poti personaliza asa hainele cum vrei tu ;)

  6. Love this post!
    I want a this shirt "hand painted" too!
    I'm sure that i will try this out!

    Congrats girl!

  7. thank youuuuu! so happy you like it! I just can't wait to wear it! it's going to berlin soon :)

  8. Ce tareee! Ti-a iesit super!


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