Wednesday, August 24, 2011

OLD Nessebar...just something else!

A little piece of heaven (affordable piece :)) we have just discovered so close to home is the little old town gem of Nessebar, by the Black Sea in Bulgaria. A former greek colony, incredibly well preserved and a true feast to the eye with the narrow, paved streets, the ancient stone houses, the superb churches, the delicious restaurants and the just perfect location on a small peninsula, just slighlty above the sea level, offerring breathtaking views, Old Nessebar definitely offers a romance and piece of mind & soul guarantee.

Where to stay at?
I highly recommend the cute, family owned Trinity Sea Residence. 62 EUR for a double room with a wonderful view on the harbor, breakfast included was definitely worth it! Being family business, with the owner living on site, ensured a great service and we felt incredibly welcome.

Where to eat?
There are plenty of places to go to, we have tried out a few, the best one was the Neptun. We also liked the Sea Wolf, despite the scarry reviews. Also, the pizza we got on the street was delish and a steal at approx 1 EUR per huge slice. Despite of rumors, nobody tried to cheat us in no restaurant, people who complain, probably did not keep their eyes open...

Meelusha's tips:
  • Jogging from Sunny Beach to Old Nessebar on the boardwalk :) It was the best jogging experience so far!
  • Souvenir & Antique Shopping: you can get really cool antiques and bulgarian pottery in the shops of the old town! Don't forget to bargain!
  • A huuuuuuge offer of summer hats (next to a lot of other stuff, of course!) can be found in the old town, so don't stress as I did trying to find the perfect sun hat in Bucharest, cause the perfect ones are waiting in Nessebar! I got two :)
Enjoy some lovely shots, that do not do Nessebar's much better live :)


  1. Thank you for your sooo sweet comment!! <3
    I saw that you were in Nessebar this summer. it is amazing town, isn't it? :))


  2. It's really a piece of heaven!


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