Monday, July 12, 2010

Pale Pink is my no#1 favorite! What's yours?

I somehow never had a favorite color so far, but this year pale pink stole my heart :) I love this dress with white and browns and have also combined it with snake print shoes and fishnet tights! The dress is no name, found it by coincidence in a place I would never ever think to go shopping (if you're from Bucharest, drop me an email and I'll tell you the "shocking" truth :)), boots are Zara, sweater is from Vero Moda and scarf is from Tonka. And...I was wearing my controversial white tights again, you either love them or you hate them, there's no way to remain neutral!

And this...this is a wonderful, little shop I found in London and that's how my little chique boutique would look like one day :)

Hugs & Kisses,


  1. This is really cute, i love pale pink also uugghh, its just so hard to find.
    Check out my blog: Auna's Fashion.

  2. Thank u for your comment.
    Lovely blog, I'm following.
    Follow me back on

  3. Followed back :) Congrats on the Anabel magazine!!! That's a great look for an amazingly cheap price!


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