Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My London Vintage Finds

I know I was long overdue with this post...but finally it's here! Please enjoy my wonderful vintage treasures acquired in London, mostly Spitalfields Markest in the East End.

A lovely fuchsia cardigan (lambs wool & angora), a wonderful summer dress and two cute little leather belts...Was not intending to wear this outfit as such and only put it together for taking a pic, but ...to be honest...I think I got something really nice here and I'm most def gonna wear it this autumn.

Couldn't have left London without them, my ugly little Oxford shoes...and then there was this gorgeous Aigner scarf that I had to take home with me as well :)

And I also found those amazing little treasures smiling back at me on a Spitafields table filled with junk and vintage wonders at the same time! Viva Chile!

Hugs and hope you like 'em,



  1. wow amazing vintage finds...what u put together as an outfit is great u should wear it like that :)



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