Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Lady Loves Her Pencil Skirt

The 1940s & a fashion genius called Christian Dior left an extraordinar legacy to the fashion world, while a small part of it was a simple cut, tight and narrow skirt going just over the knees: the pencil skirt. Pencil skirts are one of the classiest clothing items for me, a must have in a lady's wardrobe, uniting elegance and sex appeal in an amazing way! Would I dress up elegantly every day (which I obviously don't), I guess I would live in pencil skirts :)

When you need to dress up (interview, convention, business lunch etc.), but not sure if a suit would be too much (or just too boring :) !), a pencil skirt paired with a ruffled shirt, a knit top or even a plain white shirt accesorized with a statement necklace is definitely a choice you cannot go wrong with! Don't ever think of going for any other shoes than sexy high heels, unless you're 2m tall :)

Attending a wedding of dear friends at the civil registry office, was the perfect occasion to slip into my grey Esprit pencil skirt, pairing it with a knit Ziggo top and high heeled Oxfords. The oversized pearls gave the whole outfit a little playful touch, just like my carrot red hair! I had a slim brown belt prepared for this outfit, but forgot to put it on in the rush of being on time...



  1. so lovely! imi place mult! xoxo

  2. WOW! The lady is loved by her pencil skirt! You look sensational and very sultry!

    (Blogger won't let me log-in :(

  3. Thank u so much for the dress!! I'm talking about u in my blog!!

  4. Yummy look and I sooo love your hair color, brilliant! :D Da Clujul este genial, as sta toata ziua pe terasele din centru si sa admir catedralele si cladirile..

  5. Gorgeous look!Superba tinuta, la fel si culoarea parului!xoxo

  6. superba....arati parul tau e incredibil de fab <3<3<3<3<3
    si pozele cu mami tau sunt superbe....imi place stilul pozele au iesit super bine....imi place tonul lor.....frumusika foc...
    ai premii de ridicat de pe blogul meu....1 sau pe tate 4 cum vrei....le meriti guapa

  7. I love this kind of skirt. You look amazing .


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