Thursday, June 30, 2011

Something old, something new, something vintage, something blue

I just love airports, actually I could spend my whole life travelling from airports and living in hotels ;) I guess there are so many reasons why ... it's the buzz, the energized atmosphere, the people you see rushing about, some in stress of getting to check in on time, others busy with quickly buying some gifts for people who await them, either cause they forgot to get them before or just because travel shops come in handy, some people in pure excitement about what will happen next; it's the strong emotions when some say good-bye, while others hug each other in tears of joy or laughing or smiling when getting back together; it's the thrill of getting there, whether it's a great trip or getting back home; it's the fancy pilots and stewardesses in their chic & neat uniforms; ok, maybe it's the shops as well :); it's watching a whole world, all sorts of people, all races, all styles, all sizes, all ages rushing thru your eyes in fast forward ...
Oh, I miss being on an airport again, I just long to fly away...


P.S. Bag: Guess; Pants: from my mom's closest, I think they're from the 90s; Top: Stradivarius; Sandals: Primark; Scarf: Vintage, from the 50s

And Yes, I do have to wear glasses, mostly at work though, contacts are my best friends all the other times :)

Where is your next flight going to, sweeties?


  1. Ce imi place cum ti'ai prins esarfa :x
    Iti sta foarte bine.
    Nice sandals.... :*

  2. fantastic! imi place la nebunie!!!papusica! eu nu pot trai fara avioane, ador aeroporturi,calatoriile .niciodata nu stiu unde va destinatia urmatoare,unde ma apuca...

  3. love the blue sandals
    and together with the hairband

  4. Love the combination of colors!!!Blaxk and blue:very chic!

  5. marvellous blue accessories :)
    great ooutfit!lovely post.really like ur blog dear.i am following now.hope u'll follow me back :)


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