Thursday, June 16, 2011

Discount Shopping Mission: 4xShoes + 1xSkirt + 1xShirt = 60 Euros :)

Don't you just love shopping wisely??? ... and I say wisely in order not to use the not so cool "cheap" word :)...but I have to be honest with you, nothing compares to buying cheap and beautiful things! It's like digging for gold: it's exiciting, it's exhausting, it takes so much time to dig thru piles of stuff, just to reveal a few little, discounted wonders to take home. Buying more expensive stuff is a wonderful feeling of course, it's about spoiling myself, feeling like a little princess, but it's just too easy :)

Being fashionable does not have to cost much at all, if you just know how, when and what to shop for. It's important to set priorities and invest well from now and then in some more expensive items (especially shoes and bags) to mix up with vintage pieces, that are unique and will add an original and artistique touch to your look and also combine with highstreet fast fashion items.

 Incited by the recent Eco Chic event that I had missed, I took off on my expedition to a local outlet store  (Miniprix- Otopeni) today and it was not in vain: 4 lovely pairs of shoes, a super cute animal print mini and an used look denim shirt is what I call a successfull mission :) Jackpot!

My best buy today are these amazing Pablo Fuster portuguese beauties, I just cant believe I paid 15 Euro for them!!! What do you think?

Did I need all this stuff? Of course not, but fashion is not about rational actions, is it?



  1. toata lumea e innebunita cu miniprix si eu nu am ajuns niciodata. la echochic doar m-am uitat la hainute,nu mi-a sarit nimic in ochi.pup

  2. wow congrats you are a real shopping savvy
    great buys

  3. Very nice items , congrats for the "intelligent" shopping!

  4. I love the skirt! And yes, fashion is anything but rational.

  5. I always love a cheap bargain! Great stuff you've got ;)
    Margelele le-am luat de la un magazin de langa facultatea mea, care e specializat pe produse pentru pictura/desen and so on, dar au si diverse altele pentru accesorii handmade. E super locul :D Trebuie sa gasesti ceva de gen, in general merceriile banale sunt..banale:))

  6. I totally agree with you - I love finding amazing stuff that might as well be for free. Love the dress and white masculine shoes. I went to Mini Prix sunday and also scored some pretty amazing things: mainly three pair of shoes. Kisses:)


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