Thursday, August 25, 2011

Shoe Pair #100 - Welcome Home :)

Gore-Tex and Mountain Grip - not necessarily part of your normal fashionistas wardrobe, but then again there's much more to (my) life than fashionistic endeavours :)
Testing our limits is something that lies in all of us, while the limits we set for ourselves and those we choose to break are fully in our power to define! What might be normal for some, might be the hardest thing for others to do and viceversa and this weekend will be one of those limit breaking moments for me... backpack is packed, sleep tank is full, excitment is at maximum level: Survival Training in the mountains - here we come!

Wish me luck, it will be for sure an unforgetable experience!


P.S. Yes, this is my 100th pair of shoes! It had to be special :)

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